DIM 28 AVRIL _ 17H

SDI 2019, Tinkers
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« Dance, Monkey! » is a one-woman show with an ever-emerging cast of thousands. Music inspires characters, points of view, location, time, tone and pace as one scene moves to the next. Imagine yourself in the world of the fully-evolved comedic theatre piece, except everything is made up on the spot and the characters are talking right to you!

Lindsay Gonzales is a stand-up comedienne and improvisor from Chicago, Illinois.  Lately of Boston, she performed with the ImprovBoston Family Show and co-produced and hosted The Open Comedy Jam and Nightcap at IB for over five years. She performs at theatres and clubs all over Chicago and has also performed comedy in 10 countries including England, France, Spain, Canada and Puerto Rico. Lindsay has performed in festivals such as Impro Mundial Chile, The Women In Comedy Festival, Geek Week and The Boston Improv Festival. She has several one woman shows, and she took her first one woman show « M.P.H.: A Comedy Compendium » to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. She has recently been a part of Madison Lady Laughs, NCCAF, PCF, the Chicago Improv Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe 2018.